Zanarkand Aeons
Zanarkand Aeons Logo
Owner RedChris93
Sponsor(s) Fiend Hunters, RedChris93, Luca Cafe
Number of Players 7
Star Player Rin
League Zanarkand League
Budget 50,000 Gil
Wins 0
Losses 0
Ties 0


The Zanarkand Aeons were founded by RedChris93 as a business venture between the Fiend Hunters, Luca Cafe, and the Co-Owner of the Luca League. The Aeons conscripted former soldiers, save for their star player Rin, onto their team. As the third official team in the Zanarkand League, alongside the Abes and the Duggles, the Aeons are being closely watched and are regarded as one of Blitzball's most popular rookie teams.


Aeons Roster
LF Sev MF Rin RF Len
LD Eve GL Dan RD Ned
Sub 1 Sam Sub 2 None Sub 3 None