Gameplay Mechanics
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The rules of the joint Spiran Leagues lie here. Unless overwritten by a League Rulebook, the words in here are law.

Time Limit

5:00 minutes halves make up a 10:00 minutes game. Subs may only come in during halftime.

Goal Policy

When a goal is made, the ball returns to standby and a Launch is started. All players must assume standby positions in their respective markers.

Out of Bounds

The ball is unable to go out of bounds. If the ball leaves the sphere pool, it is returned and gameplay resumes. A Launch is started.

Team Numbers

Teams may only have six players and three subs.


If there is an injury, the injured is escorted out of the pool and a sub goes in. Gameplay resumes from the person who last held the ball.


Teams have a toal of three timeouts during any given game.


If a team is tied during a Tournament, Sudden Death Overtime occurs. The first team to score during the 5:00 minute Overtime wins. If no team has won, the Overtime resets until a team scores.