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Net Worth is the amount of money you are worth. When you begin, you have a net worth of 100 gil. As you win tournaments, the prize money is added to your net worth and your value grows. Net worth is important because it can allow you to sponsor other teams, sponsor yourself, or even invest in a League.

Sponsoring a TeamEdit

Sponsoring another team means the same as them getting a business sponsor, except that they can drop you. However, this is entirely your choice and not required in any way.

Sponsoring YourselfEdit

If you sponsor yourself, you basically give your team money. Once again, this has no effect on you and is entirely your choice. However, you must list yourself or it may seem that you are committing fraud.

Investing in a LeagueEdit

When you have 100,000 gil or special privileges (participated in a certain contest or were made an Admin), you may invest in a League. This is optional though it can grant you the ability to own another team in the League you sponsor. You may not own two teams in the same League, however. Also, two Investor-owned teams may not participate in the same tournament. You can sponsor all three Leagues, if you wish.