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Kunne Bar OpeningEdit

Amount: 2,000 gil

A new bar in Kilika is opening. It displays Blitzball games and hosts weekend parties. Live music, seafood, and lodging are sure to bring in customers, unless they go to Rin's Travel Agency. Rin has opened up one in every town. This is the primary competition.

Luca Boating ServiceEdit

Amount: 10,000 gil

Description: A new boating service where converted Al Bhed cargo ships transport hundreds of people to the Islands or to Zanarkand. Cargo ships are safe, though attacks by water fiends may pose a problem.

Luca Theater ExpansionEdit

Amount: 50,000 gil

Description: The Luca Theater is building two new screening rooms for various entertainment purposes including films and music. The screening rooms are larger and allow for 20% more seating. A recent shipment of film from Zanarkand has come in, most of it ancient entertaining movies.

Luca Film StudioEdit

Amount: 100,000 gil

Description: A rival to the Bevelle Film Studio is opening on the outskirts of Luca. Using new machinas, the LFS can make films faster and cheaper. Actors are currently being conscripted into the business. LFS has a direct relationship with the Luca Theater as well.