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A League is a set that allows certain teams to play against each other. There are currently 3 leagues. Leagues restrict certain aspects of gameplay. Players cannot be traded across Leagues and teams can only play other League teams in Exhibition games or in Universal Tournaments. Leagues are owned and operated seperate from each other. Leagues have their own Rankings board, which track teams in that League. The top League team can play any other Top League team in Top Tournaments, which are reserved for the best teams. Leagues operate their own Tournaments as well. Any team can participate in any League Tournament, but Non-League teams must pay fees to their League for playing in the other Tournament. Some Leagues also have special rules, as detailed under their League Rulebook.

The Big 3 Leagues

There are currently 3 Leagues in Blitzball. They are:

Luca League

The Luca League is owned by the Blitzball Association and is the oldest of the Leagues. Tournaments specific to it are the Crystal Cup, the Calm Anniversary Tournament, and the Pilgrimage Tournament. Current Luca League teams are:

Besaid Aurochs

Kilika Beasts

Luca Goers

Mi'hen Crusaders

Bevelle League

The Bevelle League is owned and operated by New Yevon and has recently finished its own Blitzball Stadium. It is still fairly small compared to the other 2 Leagues. Tournaments specific to it are the Yevon Cup, the Farplane Cup, and the Maester Tournament. Current Bevelle League teams are:

Bevelle Bahamuts

Guado Glories

Macalania Frosts

Baaj Animas

Zanarkand League

The Zanarkand League operates in the finished areas of Zanarkand and is owned and operated by the Blitzball Association. It is the newest but largest and most popular of the Leagues. Two of its specific teams are tributes to teams of the original Zanarkand. Tournaments specific to it are the Zanarkand Cup, the Jecht Cup, the Sin Tournament, and the Braska Memorial Tournament. Current Zanarkand League teams are:

Zanarkand Abes

Zanarkand Duggles

Zanarkand Aeons

Ronso Fangs

Al Bhed Psyches