Blitzball Stats
Special Offense Defense
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CA stands for "Catch". It is the stat that allows a Goalie to catch the blitzball when it is shot. As the blitzball travels toward the goal, the SH score on it decreases. When it reaches the goal, the SH score is decreased even more by the Goalie's CA stat. If there are still points on the SH stat after these deuctions, the goal is made. If not, the goalie either (1) catches it and thorws it to a fellow teammate or (2) knocks it away from the goal. The first happens if the SH is depleted to the point where it technically would be in the far negatives. The second one occurs when the SH is depleted just before reaching the goal and the Goalie's CA doesn't drastically lower it.

Use for CA

CA is only used when a player is a Goalie so a high CA is needed for your player that wishes to play that position. As the Goalie cannot use any other stats while playing the position, it is their only stat. Having a high CA prevents the opposing team from scoring HOWEVER this is not always true. If the ball is speeding fast enough, the CA decreasing rate may be cut so it is possible for a player to score a goal if they are really close and shoot it with a Skill Shot. The SH is usually almost, but not fully depleted.