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On this wiki you can make a Blitzball team and play against teams from all over Spira.. Before you begin, read the Starting Out page located here. After you do that, feel free to explore and play! Let's blitz!

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Blitzball is a mini-game from Final Fantasy X that was a cross between soccer, football, and water polo. Teams consist of six players (With three subs) that play in a sphere-shaped pool that is suspended off the ground. The goal is to shoot as many goals as possible before the game ends. The team with the most goals wins. There are two halves of 5:00 minutes and gameplay stops no matter what. Final Fantasy X shows a total of six teams in Spira and two teams in Zanarkand. In this wiki, ten years have passed since Final Fantasy X-2 and Spira's Blitzball age is in its prime. Zanarkand is partially rebuilt thanks to Cid and the Al Bhed, with the Blitzball Stadium in working order. Tidus joined a new Blitzball team called the Zanarkand Abes in commemoration of his time in Dream Zanarkand. Two more teams exist in Zanarkand. Luca has a new team and Bevelle has a Blitzball Stadium and team. Several other new teams have been created by new towns all over Spira. New teams by aspiring captains join every week. Blitzball season is now every season.


Blitzball Association Teams

BA Teams can't be owned by users and is AI run. Their players are hard to get a hold of because their contracts renew so quickly. BA Teams are:

Zanarkand Abes

Besaid Aurochs

Luca Goers

Mi’hen Crusaders

Zanarkand Duggles

Ronso Fangs

Macalania Frosts

Al Bhed Psyches

Guado Glories

Bevelle Bahamuts

Baaj Animas

Kilika Beasts