Blitzball Association
Blitzball logo
Owner Cid of the Al Bhed
Net Worth 10 Billion Gil
Teams Owned 12
Headquarters Blitzball Association Plaza, Zanarkand
Head Sponsor(s) Rin's Travel Agency


The Blitzball Association was formed by Cid a year after the events of Final Fantasy X-2. He used the money he made from Zanarkand's tours and built an empire around Blitzball. He sponsored the rebuilding of Zanarkand's Stadium and sponsored the construction of Bevelle's new Stadium. The Association began purchasing the popular teams and creating new ones. It then started two Leagues and began marketing everything from Blitzball shirts to Blitzballs themselves. The Association is currently the most successful organization in Spira.


The Blitzball Association currently operates the Luca and Zanarkand Leagues. Daily profit from each League is over 10,000 Gil. The Association could be seen as a monopoly, however, Cid does not like to call it that.

Role in Zanarkand

The Association owns two of Zanarkand's teams, the Abes and the Duggles. The teams were formed as tributes to the two teams from Zanarkand's past. The Association also sponsors many of the reconstruction projects, including the Docks, which would make travel to Zanarkand much easier.


The Blitzball Association owns 12 teams. These are:

Zanarkand Abes

Besaid Aurochs

Luca Goers

Mi’hen Crusaders

Zanarkamd Duggles

Ronso Fangs

Macalania Frosts

Al Bhed Psyches

Guado Glories

Bevelle Bahamuts

Baaj Animas

Kilika Beasts


The Association is sponsored by many companies.

Rin's Travel Agency

Al Bhed Transportation

The Youth League

Fiend Hunters