Besaid Aurochs
Besaid Aurochs Logo
Owner Blitzball Association
Sponsor(s) Blitzball Association

Al Bhed Transportation

Number of Players 6
Star Player Wakka
League Luca League
Budget 500,000 Gil
Wins 0
Losses 0
Ties 0


The Besaid Aurochs are the official team of Besaid Isle and is headed by Captain Wakka. The Aurochs are notable for winning the Crystal Cup 12 years ago. It was their first win in 23 years and was primarily because of new player Tidus. The Aurochs have an average offense and defense, but Wakka is known for getting goals when no one is looking. The Aurochs have won 40 League matches and 3 Tournaments in the last 12 years.


Auroch's Roster
LF Wakka MF Letty RF Datto
LD Jassu GL Keepa RD Botta
Sub 1 None Sub 2 None Sub 3 None